American Revolution

My favorite time of history is the American Revolution. I don’t know why, but ever since I learned about it, I’ve felt so attached to it. I find it so interesting how America came to be.

It all started when King George III taxed the tea in Britain. So, our founding fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton) took a stand and took charge to make the United States an independent country. The United States and Britain went into the Revolution. The Declaration of Independence sparked hope in the Americans which helped us to victory and freedom. France helped us greatly with weapons and men to fight.

慶祝無產階級十月革命勝利一百週年日!The Day World Working Class People Won in Russia in Human History: 11.7.1917-11.7.2017 October Revolution 100 AnniversaryCreative Commons License RYOTA NAKANISHI A ONE-MAN ARMY RETURNS TO NO-MANS’ via Compfight

We won the Revolution and became an independent country. Many countries gained their independence the same way. Just like France. They gained their independence after us. This liking of the American Revolution might explain my liking of the musical “Hamilton”.

What is your favorite time period?


Founding Fathers

How Did It Start?


Goals For Homeless Horses

For my 20% Time Project, one big accomplishment that I feel happy about is that we already have almost everything set up. We just need a few more guarantees from a few people such as cameras and place and time for interviews. But, that might take some time to set up since we don’t know a lot of people who own horses. I’m happy we are in this place because I thought it was going really slow, but it’s looking like it’s going quicker.

Our December goals are to contact Kim to see if we can interview her because she is the one who sparked our idea. We would also like to know if we can shoot a video at where she keeps her horses so that we have something to show other than interviews.

Slow time Paulo Etxeberria via Compfight

Christmas Is Everywhere

Have you ever traveled to another country during a holiday? Did they celebrate that holiday differently? I know for a fact that other countries celebrate Christmas differently.

In Brazil, it is celebrated as one of the most important holidays. It is celebrated on December 25th just like in the United States. For traditions, they have plays that they perform every year. The most popular one is called “Os Pastores” which in English, means The Shepherds. Like in Mexico, these plays are very popular.

Happy Xmas 2013Creative Commons License paulisson miura via Compfight

References: Christmas In Brazil

Like in the United States, England in Christmas is very cold, wet, and foggy. They call their mistletoe a “kissing bough”. They decorate with ivy and holly. Some families in England have 2 Christmas trees! What they have to eat is Yorkshire Pudding. Yorkshire Pudding actually originates from England, as well! They usually serve it with roast turkey. But it can be served as a dessert when it’s not Christmas. They have a day after Christmas called Boxing Day where the boys will usually go out collecting money in clay boxes.

A Scene In London Trey Ratcliff via Compfight


What Happens At Christmas



Outside of my classroom window, I see a telephone pole not far from the gaga pit that is outlined with green metal and mud inside the pit.  To the far left there is another gaga pit but this one is  outlined with red. There is a sidewalk to the right of it all. Well, the telephone pole was even farther to the right of the sidewalk.

It’s usually really sunny but with all the rain lately, it looks pretty gloomy. There’s not really any plants out there except for the grass on the ground. There is a building that is mad out of brick for the background.

Post Card From Santa Fe Cathy McCray via Compfight

Bougainvillea Eduardo il Magnifico via Compfight

Why Gaga Pits Are Muddy When There Is Dirt

The Outside Of School




Homeless Horses

For my 20% Time Project, I am giving horses from a horse sanctuary a home so that they don’t die when there is still hope for them to be given a home.

I am feeling really excited for this project, but nervous too. I feel like this project is going too slow and we might not get it done on time but it is a great cause. Especially since I Have a love for horses. I am really shy, so presenting this next year is going to be nerve wracking. But I am feeling so so so happy that I can help horses in need!

The goals that my partner and I have set for November are to meet up somewhere to discuss what our next step is. We might hope to be

See my visual aide for more information.

Dreams With Meanings

Do you ever wake up and think about the dream you’ve had and had tried to explain it thinking it had a meaning? This blog is here to explain all that and why it happens. If you have ever done this, there’s no reason to think you’re weird. It happens to all of us atleast once. While you may believe that some of your dreams have meaning, they don’t. But at the same time they do. Just not like you think they would.


naive art paintings Modern People Sculpture Design Artworks City England WatercolorFlowers Houses Portrait Naif Artists Woman Pattern Mixed MediaCreative Commons License Iloveart Iloveart via Compfight

Obviously, if someone is crying, that means they’re sad, right? Well, that’s basically what a dream means. If someone in your dream is smiling or laughing, that means that there is something good happening for them.  But from the information that I have gathered, dreams don’t really mean anything in particular such as you are going to die in 3 days because of a car crash or anything. Here is a link to another blog on that has other information that I may have failed to mention:

Dream Blog

Dream Moods

Now, I skimmed through that blog a little and had stumbled across some other information that I found quite interesting. So, apparently, dreams can mean something. Dreams can actually point or hint towards something that we fail to realize. But it cannot predict the future. I found this very interesting. I had a lot of fun writing this. I hope you enjoyed!


That Halloween Night When All Was About

Activity 3: And No One Knows Why

Vacances_5245 Joan via Compfight          Once there were these sisters. Their names were Jewel and EJ. They were the most adorable girls in their block. They lived on the most peaceful farm. There were never any wolves to hurt their sheep. And never any distress upon their animals. They were all in perfect health too. They had a happy family. That’s what everyone thought. That’s what the girls told everyone. But what they were really doing was trying to survive. Their parents were ill and could barely look after themselves so they had to step up in the family. It’s up to them on what they want their neighbors to believe.

Activity 4:  That Halloween Night When All Was About

Frightfully Fun Parade Jeremy Wong via Compfight

“Hey, wait up!” Emily yelled to her best friend, Beth. They were running into the construction site that was supposed to be off limits. They jumped the fence and climbed the equipment, having no idea what was written in the book for them.

Most people don’t believe in magic. Well, most people anyway. They didn’t believe in it either until they were trespassing. Once they entered the site, Emily got this strange feeling that something was watching them. The more they traveled in, the more the light disappeared. “Hey Beth,” Emily said. “I have a bad feeling about this place.” Beth didn’t care at all. In fact, she just laughed and ignored her. “Hey, I’m serious. I don’t like this place.” Beth turned around to face Emily. “Hey, I thought ya were supposed to be a witch. You aren’t supposed to be scared. Unless this is just who you want to be,” Beth mocked.  “Hey, I’m not scared! In fact, let’s go in deeper.” They followed the path that led them all around the construction site.

RAH Building Site Theen Moy via Compfight

Suddenly, Beth heard a noise behind her. “E-E-Emily?”


“Did you hear that?”

“Oh what now? You aren’t scared, now are you?”

“N-Never. But I heard a noise and it feels like someone’s watching us.”

“I know, Beth.”


Emily stopped in her tracks and grabbed Beth’s hand.

“Because I’ve seen it multiple times today here.”

“What?! Where?”


Suddenly, a dark figure stepped out of the shadows. Emily and Beth were too frightened to move. It was reaching for Beth, but then stopped. It looked at Emily and then back at Beth. Beth whispered in Emily’s ear, “Run.” But Emily couldn’t. There was something about this figure that was drawing Emily in. Emily wouldn’t describe it as a bad thing, though. She would describe it more like….


The thing cupped Emily’s head with both it’s hands. It leaned in. Emily thought this was the end of the line for her. But all it did was whisper something she couldn’t exactly make out. To her, it sounded like, “You’ll find the bend soon.” Which didn’t make sense. ‘What bend?’ Emily thought. The figure disappeared that night. Emily just couldn’t get it out of her head about what that thing said. “You’ll find the bend soon.”

Curtains Jo Zimny Photos via Compfight

Emily woke up with a startle by her annoying alarm clock. She doesn’t remember going home that night. She called Beth to ask what was going on. “Do you remember anything?” Emily asked Beth over the phone.

“No. I was hoping you would.”

“Well, I don’t.”

“Well this is weird. Why don’t we remember anything from last night?”

“I don’t know, but I have a strange feeling that we aren’t remembering this for a reason.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… what if someone doesn’t want us to remember?”

“That’s insane.”

“I know but right now, doesn’t everything seem insane to you?

Beth hesitated and thought it through.

They decided to meet in the gym at school. Emily quickly got dressed into her signature outfit: red hoodie with black jeans and an Imagine Dragons T-shirt underneath.

They met up at school and decided to just forget about it. Unlike Beth, Emily isn’t as easy to persuade. She decided to keep investigating. Emily couldn’t keep focus on her studies. She ended up getting a D-.

My main drug Pascal Rey via Compfight

She studied all night because of her mom. But Emily got a call from Beth. “Hey are you busy right now?”

“Yes I’m studying.”

“Oh. Well there’s this party goin’ down right now. Can you come?”

“Ooh! I so want to go! But I can’t.”


“My mom would kill me if I went.”

“So then just sneak out!”

“Ok, fine, Beth! You better not get me in trouble tonight.”

“Ok. See you there!”

Old Town Hoi An: Lampions at NightCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

At the party, Emily already had the guilt eating her alive. Emily had that feeling around Beth because of that dream she had. But Emily also had that feeling that was in that dream. That someone was watching her. Emily was hanging out with the popular girls and Emily didn’t exactly feel well, so she went to the restroom. When she got out, there was someone waiting for her. She recognized this figure. “What did my dream mean?!” The figure grabbed Emily’s hand and brought her into a closet. Grabbed her face once more, and whispered, “I made a promise with your mother. I can’t tell you unless she’s ready. Emily left Beth at the party and ran home. Emily’s mom asked why she looked like she was crying. Emily told her everything that she knew. Emily’s mom was furious at the figure. Emily was about to run out the door. She was scared of seeing her mom like this. But her mom locked the doors and took Emily and locked her in her room for the rest of her life. Emily’s mom just told everyone that Emily died walking home from the party by getting hit by a car. Not even Beth knew what happened. The figure was sadder than anyone else. No one knows why. Well, except for Emily’s mom, that is. She knew exactly why.


Why do you think Emily’s mom locked her up? Who was that figure and why did she act so close to Emil like she’s known her her whole life? Was she there Emily’s whole life? Tell me what you think in the comments below!


The Perfect Image

Activity 1: Just because it’s on the internet, it doesn’t make it okay to use! Sometimes you will have to contact the owner of a music video or image to use it. Some of you are probably wondering if you can just give them credit by putting the owner’s name and the name of the picture. Yes, that is okay too. Copyrighting is not okay! You can’t just go out there and copy and paste your image to claim it is yours. The owner will surely find out. If not the owner, then someone else will. Always make sure you know what you are doing before you do it. Especially with copyright. That is serious. I for one, learned a lot from writing this blog. At first, I just thought that putting some credit for the owner of the source was okay. Which it is if you don’t know the information of the owner.


Activity 2:                              The horse is eating grass

             So peacefully it stands there unlike us

            It’s long white mane hangs over its neck

                                                Its fur softly fades in and out


It may be large, but it has no flaws

The perfect landscape behind it

It makes a perfect image

Guess I chose the right one, glad I did






Riccardo Palazzani via Compfight

Why I Chose This Avatar

The reason that I chose my avatar to be the way it is now is because I thought it was really neat on how you could create yourself on technology. I decided to make it this way because I needed it to look like me. I tried my best and I think I did fairly good. Even though I haven’t really seen any Harry Potter movies except for the first one, I liked it so fortunately, that website had the lightning bolt birthmark on your forehead like Harry Potter. I tried to make my clothes in the avatar look like something that I would wear in real life. I think I got that part pretty well too. My hair doesn’t look exactly like the one in my avatar but it was the closest I could get and still see the lightning bolt on my head.

 Face Your Manga


Get On The Saddle!

Chevaux shivapat via Compfight       My passion is horseback riding. Even though I can get a little frustrated sometimes, it’s still my passion and as far as I know, it will always be my passion. Something that is absolutely torture for me is that I am allergic to horses so it’s really hard to be around them. But honestly, Zyrtec helps. It’s really helpful but it only helps me when I take it hours before my lessons. And no, this is not a Zyrtec commercial.

Grooming is what you need to do before you are ready to be on a horse. You probably have to do grooming for a few days before getting on a horse. The reason of this is not only for being able to take better care of your horse, but to be better at bonding with your horse. Make sure to brush the way their coat goes. I learned from experience and it was not exactly pleasant. They need to trust you. Do you really think that they will let on their backs when they haven’t really seen you? Nope. Talking to them play a big part in bonding. Don’t just praise them. Treat them as if they were your stubborn child because if you just got to riding one of them trust me. They can be really bossy. You need to tell them nicely not to do that and if they keep doing it don’t get angry at them because they aren’t going to realize the rules the first time they are told to them. Just talk to them, you know just ask them things and calm them down when they get rowdy. Pet them and make sure they get enough exercise every day. Always make sure they get enough attention.

Taking the reigns is harder than they make it look. That might be why they are called professionals. First step is getting on the saddle. You want to get on very gently so that the horse doesn’t get scared and maybe buck you off. You always want to hold on to the reigns so that if the horse starts moving while trying to get on, you always have control over them to stop them from moving. You may need a mounting block if you can’t get on without a lift. I need a mounting block because I’m not tall enough and I believe from my experience, that it is easier to use a mounting block even if you are tall enough but that’s just my opinion. Make sure that when you are steering, you have your focus on your surroundings and where you are going. You want to be gentle with your horse as if the horse were you.

That is my passion!



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