About Me!

   As you can tell from the title, this passage is about me.

   My favorite animal are horses. I don’t know what it is about them but they are just so fun to be around! Grooming them and riding them is also fun but even just being around them makes me so excited!

My favorite hobby is riding horses. I’m sure some of you guessed that from my paragraph about horses being my favorite animal. Riding them is fun, but I can’t say it’s always easy. Sometimes they can so stubborn and sassy that you just want t hop off the saddle and quit. But you can’t let them win. Show them who’s boss. You are and not them. Just don’t quit and they will listen to you sooner or later. Grooming them also helps with them being obedient. Not all horses will be perfectly obedient and do whatever you say. Personally, I like for my horses to have some free spirit and sass. Not everything turns out perfect.

Bonding helps with obedience. Talking with your horse helps insanely with bonding. Praising helps but you don’t want to praise them all the time. Scolding helps them understand what they are and aren’t supposed to do. Don’t scold them all the time either because they may not like that. Every time they do something you like, you don’t have to say, “Good girl” or, “Good boy” because you can simply just pet them on the neck or shoulder or wherever you’d like.

My favorite season is Winter because I feel like that’s when my family really comes together. My favorite season leads to my favorite holiday. Christmas. I love getting the excitement to wake up on Christmas morning and go see the presents under the tree and in my stocking.

My favorite color is Cyan. If you have never heard of it, it’s a shade of blue.

That’s all about me!

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